Buffet Catering Services – The Benefits of Both Buffet and A la Carte Style

Nothing probably entices people more to go to an event than hearing the word buffet provided by the buffet catering services. Everybody loves free food, more so if it is really good. Events are great and people sometimes go to it because they have to and the one thing that gives them comfort is good food. So, if you are having an event like a wedding and can’t decide whether to have a buffet or a la carte meal, here are the advantages of each.


The benefits of having buffet style at an event

  • It is cheaper to have buffet style. If you are serving a large number of guests, the preparation of a buffet style lunch or dinner is cheaper. It is not necessary to buy adornments on plates. When caterers prepare ala carte meals, they need to set up each plate and make the presentation look good. That is extra cost.
  • You do not have to worry about making your guests choose which main entrée or dessert they want. The guests can just go to the buffet table and choose whatever they want.
  • Save money on staff. Having buffet style does not need a lot of servers. A la carte, on the other hand, needs more.
  • Guests will have a better look at the food on the table prepared by buffet catering services before putting it on their plate. Some people do not eat food that does not look appealing to their eyes. Having an a la carte style won’t have that option. You will be served the food you picked from the choices on the menu.

Advantages of an ala carte style

  • A la carte style is more formal than a buffet style. This is a great option if you do not have a large number of guests and they are all VIP’s.
  • Your guests do not have to stand and line up just to get their food. They will just wait for the servers to bring it to their table.
  • The dishes will have better presentation. A chef takes pride in his work and he it gives him pleasure to present his dishes elegantly.

These days, more and more people are opting for a buffet style especially in weddings, birthdays, and corporate events. It is actually more fun as people get to stand and mingle with other guests while they are getting their food. Unless you are dining with royalty, buffet style is a great option.

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