It is a common scenario that when we put a plain water to a freezer then it would turn into ice or it makes that water harder in substance. But there would be a different effect when a water pipe becomes frozen due to the cold weather or circumstance like there is a problem with the water-cooling system. There are preventive ways in order for you to stop this instance from happening and won’t give you much headache thinking about what to do so better check the . Preventing things and doing some basic precautionary measures would help you saving your money and won’t need to hire someone to check it and fix the problem in your pipes.  


Some people would immediately response by having a suggestion that you need to make it warm so that it can reduce the coldness of the pipe. If you’re for a long vacation or trip then you need to make sure that you need to drain the water in the pipe source so that it won’t freeze. Do this one especially if you’re on a long holiday in winter as the weather is so cold and there’s a higher chance that it would turn water into ice. We can help you with that by  and follow the preventive ideas next time so that it won’t give you a terrible time.  

For some other people, they would think that this is a kind of funny situation to deal with but if you are living in a four-seasoned country then you’d know. If you don’t want to worry about this one anymore and you are just at home and nothing important to do or to have then you could have a heater tape. You can buy this one in the hardware or any home depot, you can ask the sales assistant about this one and they could lead you to the area. Make sure to read the instructions so well so that you won’t make any mistakes and ask for the best type of tape to use at home.  

If you are still unsure of using a tape for insulating the cold water inside from freezing, then you could try to use other things. Others would use a rubber insulator to be wrapped around the pipes of the water source and system to make sure that it would protect well. If your pipes and systems are located down there the basement, then you could open the window or the door of the basement to circulate hot air. You may use a light that can heat up the place or area and be sure to point the light bulb facing to the pipe and turn it on.  

Another way to stop water from freezing is to allow the flow of them in your faucet, you could do this for your bathroom or kitchen’s sink. If you need more help, you can call a plumbing service company to fix this problem and give you good solution.